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To provide our business partner’s (clients) with reliable, personalized cost effective service with quality assurance and strict adherence to the mandatory rules of government agencies through CSSI high caliber leaders and Security Guards.

To stay ahead of competition by diligence and devotion to service. Better Quality of Service and Price competitiveness will help us stay in COMMANDING POSITION.

To establish trust and authenticity amongst our clients (by surpassing their qualifying standards) and amongst the people that make-up our agency (manpower). Thus, our motto “SERVICE TO CLIENT, CORNCERN TO PEOPLE.”



To become the top caliber security agency in the country supplying the best and professional protection services and support to various multinational and well recognized company and government agencies. 
To provide not only employment but quality of life to our Security Personnel and Staff.

We firmly believe in team building and promoting security as a Noble profession and as a field of continuous development and improvement of service.

CSSI is a duly licensed security agency providing security service which offer a range of personable and competent guards nationwide through excellent service by:

• Deployment of well-trained, highly motivated security personnel;
• Equipping guards with state of an art technology;
• Prompt response and assistance during emergencies;
• Dedication to attain peace and order whenever and wherever service is needed

We are committed to satisfy applicable requirement locally and internationally while continually improving our quality management system.